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Lets get to the fun stuff!

Welcome to The Light Revolution!....

and what is a Light Revolution anyway?


Its that call deep inside of you letting you know there is so much more to this human experience.


That little whisper that says "this is for me even if I dont know why or how yet."


The human experience is vast and varied. 

Trauma can dim our authenticity, and yet ignight the flame of passion and truth like no other experience

Struggles can be turned into strengths

All at the core of it we are the creators and directors of our lives. The Gods who have forgotten themselves, lost to the illusion of the planet, and being human.

The Light Revolution lives within all of us, calling you home to the deepest universal truth of all.


Are you ready to know it?


Get Street Smart... Spiritually
Hey there!

I'm The Intuitive Mermaid.

But you can call me Tania if you want. 

Whatever you call me, You are here for a reason and I'm so excited to see you here.

With compassion, strength, determination I show spiritually driven people how to turn struggle into strength and live the love filled passion driven life meant for them.

If you have ever

Looked for love in all of the wrong places

Wanted to know the best kept secrets of the universe

Had a love affair with manifestation, energy, and how powerful emotions can be

Had a deep desire to see all of your blind spots and get rid of those buggers before they create havoc

Loved to laugh.

This is the place for you.

We are big on having fun, being playful, erasing the imprint of trauma all while saving you years of "doing the work" and using the most direct, effective, street smart applications that you crave.


"Tania has the ability to see right into your energy field and pin point what had been holding you back, I listen to everything this woman says."

Dano- Creative Genius

"In just one 2 hour session Tania was able to pinpoint my trouble with my Mother, and remove the block it had created in my energy field and life that lead me to procrastinate. I find my self full of energy, drive and making movement towards my dreams."

Corrine-Artist, and Medium.


Resources for every stage of self-discovery.

1:1 Coaching

Our Souls crave adventure, growth and diving into the unknown.

My signature 108 day series puts you in the driver seat of. your own life, leaving traumas and struggles in the dust.

Book a discovery call to see whats possible

Inner Child Session or Intuitive Reading

Living on this planet we end up with limitations from our childhood. A one on one intuitive session will help identify where your blindspots are and connect you the information / empowerment that the situation intended for your souls growth. This is opens up the space for a quantum leap of new opportunities to come into your life.

Vibrant LIving

Erasing the energetic imprint of childhood sexual trauma

1 in 3 people have experienced some kind of sexual trauma. This energy imprint creates havoc in our lives. Find out why bad things happen to good people. What forgiveness really looks like (its not what you think) but most importantly, how to create opportunities from a seemingly impossible situation. Most importantly learn from someone who has been there.

A discrete free call will help you learn more about who I am and the practical application of this coaching.